​Types of attachment.
There are various forms of attachment out there. Keep in mind, that these can be positive or negative. They occur when a form of energy connects itself with our own. Most of the time, we do not even realise this has happened and carry on as usual. Sometimes, they may show up through physical side-effects or changes in our environment.

Always check out physical problems with a doctor! They are your first port of call for anything.

They can be formed through the simplest of interactions, but the most well known ones are through use of a Ouija board and other spirit channeling devices.

Do not use these items unless you have been taught to do so and have protection!
.Various types of attachment
  • Ghosts - earthbound spirits.
  • Negative thought.
  • Psychic attack.
  • Curses- real and fake.
  • Past life attachments.
  • Soul retrieval. 
  • Dark energies, satanic influences.

​​Ghosts - earthbound spirits.

This happens when a soul, or part of the soul of someone who has died, has not moved off in to the light. They have stayed behind for some reason. Some feel trapped and this can create confusion for them. They may not even realise that they are dead.

They can attach to people, animals or objects. If they become attracted to your energy field, they can linger about in it. As they dwell on any pain they suffered, this may manifest in your body. This is usualy unintentional, and once they find out they have caused physical or mental anguish, they can become very upset and regretful.

Negative Thought.
This is the most common occurance I come across when I am out doing "house clearances". It occurs when there is a build up of negative energy in a place. Money worries, stress, arguments and abusive behavior can all leave an energy imprint. It builds up until you can actualy feel it. The people who originaly gave out this negative energy do not have to be present as it lingers in a place or around a person.

It can make a place feel oppressive and any inhabitants to become lethargic or depressed. Children pick up on this more than adults and may have problems sleeping. Signs to look out for are feeling sad or angry for no reason. Irritability and irrational behavior.

This energy can be released by a thorough cleanse. Again, a medium could help you, but it is easy to do yourself. See our section on "energy clearing".

Psychic Attack.

We have all heard of this, but what actualy is it? Have you ever wondered into the aura of a person carrying negative energy? You seem to pick up the negative energy and when you have left that person, you still feel drained or angry? Imagine if you could collect that energy and direct it at a certain person? It's very powerfull stuff at the best of times but combined with someones intentions and ritual, it can be devastating. Depression, insecurity and illness can be caused by it. It is not alays sent intentionaly. The sender may be unaware they are actualy effecting you! 

There are ways to protect yourself from this. See our section on psychic protection. I do my protection daily as once you get used to it, it can just take seconds!

These work on the same line as a psychic attack. However, they are usualy sent with the help of spirits which can make them very tricky if not impossible to undo. However, the people who realy do know about this stuff are rare so you will probaly never have to worry!

Fake Curses.
Fake curses actualy work surprisingly well. Act all "witchy" and tell someone you are cursing them and low and behold, bad things start happening. They believe they are cursed and that begins the "self-fulfilling prophesy!" Thought is a powerfull thing and I have encountered many people who believed they had a curse. Once they realise that they have done this to themselves, things begin to improve. (Apart from a few cases where they wouldn't believe it and I had to do a ritual to show them it was gone. It worked and everyone's happy!)
Past-life Attachments.
Certain things from past lives can influence us in this one. Let's imagine you took a serious  vow of poverty in a previous life. In this one, you cant seem to hold on to money no matter what! Or maybe a vow of celibacy. In this life you are uncomfortable with sex. These ties can be found and worked on during past-life regression therapy. You could get help by someone experienced with this, or work on it yourself through meditation. 

Soul Retrieval.

Some believe that trauma, accidents and other shocking episodes can cause parts of your soul to splinter off. These "parts" can then become stuck in that time. Untill you are reunited with these parts, the healing process cannot be completed. This is one of the most important healing techniques of the Shamans. They specialise in this type of work. You can however,look into it and learn to heal yourself. Again, meditation is key to this type of work.

​Dark Energies.

There is no Light without Dark. Satanism, Black magic, dark rituals.... all using the Dark to give you power over another. When it is time for these users to go to the light, they do not always want to go. Usualy they can be persuaded with some reassurances but some need forgiveness before they go. Even if it is from themselves. Occasionaly one will not want to go at all and sometimes these can join forces to become more powerful. Mediums dealing with these spirits/energies often feel it is more like a councelling session. It can take many tries to persuade the energy to leave.