​Spirit Guides.

What are Spirit Guides?

When opening yourself to beings from the spirit realm, it's important to note that there are many types. Everyone has a spirit guide who stays with them throughout life. Others come and go as they are here to help with just one aspect of our lives. 
    These beings have dedicated themselves to helping us grow spiritualy and aiding us to achieve our higher purpose. Their wisdom always comes from the light. They work directly from the source of all things.
These beings can come from anywhere. Some have lived lives on Earth before. There are even cases of alien guides and definately animal guides.

They are your direct link to spirit. They offer advice, will teach you how to use your skills and offer protection. Connecting with the spirits directly can leave you open to a few problems. Work through your guide and they will act like a buffer, keeping you safe and allowing access to only what you can handle.

How do I know it is my Spirit Guide?

Spirits love attention. Some may claim to be your guide, just because they want you to talk to them! You dont take advice from everyone you meet on the street, so why take it from the spirit world? 

A false guide will eventualy show his true colours. 
  • Go with your gut instinct. If it dosen't feel right, it probally isn't.
  • A true guide would never suggest anything that may bring harm or suffering to another being. No matter what the circumstance.
  • Ask them what their purpose is. If it dosent seem right to you, back away.

If you have a pretender on your hands, ask them to leave you alone. Call on your guides, (even if you havent seen them yet) to send them away. Ask Archangel Michael to cut any cords of attachment you may of built. 

Types of Spirit Guides.

Here are some of the most common types of Guide to give you an idea of the variety.

Life Guides
These are with you from birth to death. They try to keep you on the right path with guidance and are the easiest for you to learn to work with. They manage all the coming and goings of other guides who interact with you and work alongside your Gaurdian Angel. 

Teacher Guides
These appear to teach you, and guide you along your path. They will appear in many different forms depending on your lessons and objectives. They provide guidance through dreams, meditation, and by leaving clues and signs for you. Once your need for them has gone, they will move on.

Karmic Guides
These help you to work through personal and collective karma so that you can resolve it, step off the wheel of karma and experience new levels of love and blessings.

Astral Guides
Astral Guides guide your experience in the astral realm. When you’re asleep, or consciously journeying into the astral plane during meditation, this guide is with you offering their protection and guidance.

Gatekeeper Guides
These guard your personal soul records (Akashic records). They connect you with the right memories at the right time to bring the healing, advancement, wisdom and knowledge of your souls memories into your current experience without overwhelming you with too much at any given time. Gatekeeper guides also work to allow, or block entities as well as past loved ones to reach you, depending on what is for your highest and greatest good.

Timing Guides
To oversee the synchronicity in your life. They will help you to be in the right place at the right time, to meet key people on your path and align with new opportunities.

Creative Guides
These help to inspire creative visions. Help you to re-connect with the creative talents of your soul from the physical realm. You could say they are your spiritual muses. Call on these when you have that next project to finish!

Protection Guides
This is your bodygaurd! They protect you both mentally, spiritually, and physically according to what you allow and intend. This is a guide who is with you from birth to death, and who is highly enlightened. In addition to protection they oversee the spiritual guidance you connect with and help you to avoid temptations and distractions so you may stay aligned with your souls purpose and intentions.

Spirit Guides are not your Angels, Ascended Masters, Saints or Nature spirits. Although very similar in feel, they are seperate and have slightly different roles to play. For example, a spirit guide can not effect the physical world..... where as an angel could with permission!

To begin finding your connection with your spirit guide, check out some guided meditations. I've added a couple of good ones below if you would like to try.

Dont forget.... once you feel your guide is with you, ask questions! Be polite and chat to them (usualy in your head) about what your life purpose is, whatshould you be learning next, what guidance do they have for you? Most of all, have a bit of fun with it. They usualy have a sense of humour too!

  1. Spirit Guide Meditation by Teal Swan
    A nice smooth voice and the music in the background helps with the visualising.
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