​The art of smudging.

​Benefits of smudging.

The benefits of smudging are impressive! Not only can it be used to cleanse people and objects, but also entire areas. Use before any rituals or workings to start with a clean slate. Use to improve the atmosphere after arguments and anger and dispel negative energies which may cause lethargy and depression.
The art of                has​ been around for thousands of years. It appears in many cultures around the world. Although the source of the smoke differs, (the church uses incense, Native Americans use sweetgrass and sage,) the reason for the smoke remains the same.

The smoke is used to carry away negative energies and/or connect to the spirit realm. The person using the smoke fills it with intention to cleanse, calling upon the aid of God/spirits/universal energy, etc. 

Traditionally, all 5 elements are used in the ritual.
  • FIRE  The flame used to light it up.
  • WATER  The shell used to catch the ashes or hold the burning herbs.
  • AIR  The feathers used to fan the smoke around.
  • EARTH The herbs used to produce the smoke.
  • SPIRIT  The intentions set upon the smoke.

​how to smudge.
YGet your equipment together.
Feathers... the larger the better. You can use a few tied together to create a fan. Incense.... I use a smudge stick for ease. Sage and sweetgrass is a nice mix. A shell... abalone is the most popular as its pretty too. Matches or a lighter.

Get your mind together.
You may want to light a white candle at this stage to draw spirit close. Take a few deep breaths, relax your mind then ask your guides etc. for protection and to help in releasing negative energies. Set the intention for the smoke to carry away all impurities.

Get started.
Light the incense. This may take a while to get going properly but bear with it. Once there are small flames, fan the flames out with the feather so it is smouldering. DO NOT blow it out with your breath. You are removing energies, not infusing it with yours! That is what the feathers are for. 

Once you are smoking, you're ready to start. If smudging a person or object, start at the bottom and work up. Use the feathers and your hands to waft the smoke all around. Ensure you get into awkward areas. Continue prayers and setting intentions through the whole process.

If                   a building, start at the front door. Pick a direction and stick with it. I go clockwise. Ensure you get into each corner of a room, and do any cupboards and storerooms. Pay attention to the corners of door frames and windows. Work around each wall until you are back at the door. (Don't forget to do the centre of the room too!)

Imagine negative energies floating off with the smoke. Fill the room with loving white light and fill it with the intention of what the room is wanted for. (eg. Love, laughter, respect for a family room.)
To finish off, extinguish your incense. Be careful with smudge sticks as they have a habit of relighting if not properly extinguished!  Thank whichever diety/spirits you called upon for their help and ask that they continue to protect the person/place. Put out your candle if you wish... 

Re-smudge whenever you feel the need. If moving house, do the new one before you move your stuff in! 

​Remember, always open doors or windows. The smoke needs to escape to take the negative energy with it. You do not want to choke!