Portal or vortex?
Both of these phenomena may be encountered by those sensitive to such things.. There is a difference! When I go out to do energy clearing in various places, these occur quite regular. In fact, they seem to be appearing a lot more lately and may be a part of this "big change" everyone is expecting.
spiritual doorway, portal,
A portal is a doorway made up of energy. It can be used by beings (spirit, angels, etc) to travel from one place to another. (There is even the theory that aliens travel by this method) This has been created by something. Maybe spirit have built it to come and visit loved ones. Humans too, can open portals once they know what to do. Most likely though, it has been created by accident. Ouija boards and other such stuff can create an opening which will grow larger overtime. Using your protection can stop this!

It is unknown where the energy comes from that power the portals. It is not drawn from the immediate area. It can however cause problems with local energy causing all sorts of chaos! There is usually a cold spot where the portal is and it effects the electro-static field. If you stand in front of it, you may feel floaty, like you want to raise your hands in the air and just fly away. You can also place batteries in the energy field to be charged..(This does take a while, but it works).

As portals are built from energy, they tend to echo the energy around it. If it is a positive, loving energy, it will increase that tenfold. If there are arguments or negative energy, watch out because anger and depression are on their way!

A portal can be closed.
These are the total opposite. These are naturaly occuring. You can think of them as mini hurricanes. Energy swirling around, drawing on the energy of a place. They happen mostly around Ley Lines but can pop up elsewhere.. These can be either positive or negative.

As soon as you walk into a room with one of these, you will feel it. Energy just swirls around and wants to take you with it! It can turn your stomach like being on a fairground ride. Close your eyes and try to relax and see which way you want to spin around. Clockwise is positive. Anti-clockwise is negative. Usualy though, you will know just by the feelings you get.

These can effect a large area and even with a positive one, the effects are usually negative unless you know how to use it! Many Churches and other spiritual places are built on positive ones. If you feed them the right energy they can make you feel wonderful. (But it has been known to become addictive!)

Vortexs can be closed down and if located in living areas, should be!