​Ogham runes.

The Ogham alphabet.

 Some scholars believe it dates back to the 1st century. Thought to be modelled on greek and runic scripts. Designed to write primitive Irish, Welsh, Pictish and Latin. Some believe it was the secret language of the Druids. Found on monuments dating from 4th century onwards. Pronounced        o em.
Ogham runes are a complete language. Originaly with twenty letters and grouped into sets of five. It seems the Romans added another set of five at a later date making twenty five letters in all.

Each letter corresponds to a tree or plant. There are also animals and colours that go with each. Over time, each has become associated with different aspects of life so it has become a popular divination tool for Pagans. 

If you would like to try a reading with these before spending out money for a set, here is my idea I shared with my local circle. It was fun and allowed people to see if they wanted to learn more!

  • Download my free beginners guide. (It has all the symbols in and the basic meanings).     
  • Get a pack of lolly sticks. (Yes, Im serious!)              
  • Draw each symbol on a lolly stick. While you do it, set the intention of what it means. This also helps you remember what it means.           

Remember to mark the bottom so you know which way up it is! If you look at the picture, you can see they have a litle arrow pointing the direction. (Also used to denote a new sentence when writing).

Download your free 
Ogham rune guide here.
There are numerous ways to do a reading. Traditionaly, for a daily reading, you would hold them a foot above the ground. Let them go and collect the three closest to you. However, you could just pull them out of a cloth bag. Try setting them out like a tarot spread. Play about with them. Have fun. Like other divination tools, the more you enjoy them the better they will work for you.