Creating your own energy ball.

Reiki energy ball.
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Call upon the Great Universal energy. (Chi.) Imagine it channelling down through your crown chakra. Through the third eye chakra and the throat chakra. Visualise it splitting into two and flowing down your arms into your hands. 
    Hold your hands palm together. Feel the energy pushing your hands apart and creating a swirling ball of energy. Feel the healing energy you hold in your hands and once you are satisfied with it, it is ready to use!
Making an energy ball can be rather tricky and takes practice. For those who can do it, it is a wonderful way to send healing to others. It is a way of harnessing your own energy that you emit daily. 

There are many ways to create one and it may be a bit of trial and error to find which way works best for you.

White Light breathing.
Get yourself in a relaxed meditative state. Visualise breathing in pure white light. Feel it building up in your chest. With each breath, the light builds in intensity and power until you feel it pushing to get out! 

Hold your hands 8 inches apart in front of your chest. Visualise the ball of light moving from your chest, to between your hands. Feel the ball of light pulsing with energy and know that it will do your bidding. Try moving your palms together and feel the energy compress. Move your palms outwards and feel it expand. 

Once you have your healing energy ball, visualise it moving to a person or pet and entering them. Envision it releasing its healing energy and slowly spreading throughout them.

It is a wonderful gift for someone and can help in many situations. Some people can create energy balls which other people can see. Another way to check your progress is to get a watch or phone and see if you can charge the battery by placing in your energy ball. This takes a while but can be very satisfying!