.Coloured Candles
Different colours of candles have been burned for centuries to attract desired outcomes. Wealth, healing or emotional states.  They can be a wonderfull tool during meditation or ritual. The size has no importance at all. Decide how long you want it to burn and choose one to fit with your plans. (I have even used the tiny birthday cake candles!) Only fresh candles should be used to work with, as you want to know exactly what energy/thoughts go in to each working.

If you want to keep it traditional, use only matches to light your candles. They are snuffed out and never blown out. (This also helps to stop any mess. Who has wax on the wallpaper where they have blown a candle too hard? 
Relax for a moment and try to establish a psychic link between yourself and the candle. Be specific in what you ask for. How will the universe know what you want, if you dont know yourself!

These are used in rituals to protect or ward off dark energy. They attract Saturn energy and if combined with any other colour will dissolve negative issues concerning that colour. Ideal for curse breaking, removing negative cords etc.

This calls up laughter and joy. The embodyment of loyalty. It attracts Jupiter energy so use it when your influence needs to be increased. It gives wisdom and self-awareness. It is calming and can aid with sleep.

Blue is a very siritual colour. Used to increase tranquility, patience, calm and peace. This is Aquarian energy and is used in inspirational or devotion meditations. Use it to create situations.

Used to confer wisdom, protection, and good fortune. Increases spiritual awareness. Can bring about a deep meditational state. Used in rituals that need increased Saturn energy. Can build communication, which can cause change. Any blue represents the element water.

Brings about luck and money. Representing solar energy, it is used to heal inner wounds. Promotes understanding, enlightenment and also a popular Angel colour. Prosperity, wealth, attraction.

Used for material gain/financial success this is an earthy, well-balanced color. Get rid of indecisiveness and improve concentration. Ideal when studying. It represents the home. Great for nature workings too. Use to protect pets and find lost items.

This relates to greed, jealousy and ambition. Use with a black candle to clear negative aspects or with another colour to build ambition in a certain area.

The colour of nature. Represents abundance, prosperity, fertility, and success. Stimulates good luck. Can increase money, harmony, and rejuvenation. It also represents Healing, health, and growth. Venus energy. Use to find a new job or fit in to a social gathering.

Represents balance and stability. It helps develop psychic abilities. Very useful when working through complex issues. Good for neutralising energy. Can be used magically as a confusion tool.

Brings on a deep meditational state. Stimulates Saturn energy. Represents inertia. Use to stop situations or people.

This is an energiser for rituals where immediate action is needed. For high levels of spiritual healing. This is the "act now" colour.

For stamina, energy, success and mental agility. Use for all legal matters. It denotes action. Use when you want a promotion. Wonderful for stimulation, encouragement and cleans negative attitudes.

Use peach when you need some gentleness in a situation. It promotes rejuvenation and restores balance.

This is for friends and family. Healing both mental and physical. Brings friendship, romance and hope. Can aid with sleep.

Devotion, faith, love and tenderness. It represents feminine energy. All pinks
encompass love energy so are the standard for love spells. 

This is a very powerful colour. It represents desires and power. Stimulates phychic manifestation and aid contact with the spirit world. A good healing colour, especialy for depression and mental problems but can be used for physical too. 

Fantastic when calling upon Angels. Use for cancelling things out and neutralising. Stimulate dreams, psychometry and astral travel. Promote telepathy, clairvoyance and intuition.

Good for removing nightmares! Increases love and friendship. Arouses emotions. Stimulates compassion for self and others and promotes humour. Treats anxiety and depression.

The colour of physical pleasure. It can stimulate lust, strengh, courage and fearlessness against enemies. Passion/love and respect. Uses Aries and Scorpio energy. Adds magnetism to other colours and denotes survival and the root chakra.

A colour of creativity, growth, awareness and prosperity. A healing colour promoting peace. Often used when calling upon a Goddess.

Stimulates logic and helps in overcoming mental blocks. Represents knowledge and concentration. Can be used in any ritual calling upon solar energies or dieties. Helps to contact spirits and other realms. Represents the element of Air.

Purification, healing and regeneration. This can be used when your not sure what colour candle you need! White is the default mode of candles. It represents truth, unity,peace, happiness and protection. In fact, it encompasses everything good and is the leader in spiritual strengh..

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